Sunday, January 13, 2008

My "Springtime 2008" Collection

I'm so glad now it's time to begin looking to the spring colors. This is my first spring bracelet for this spring 2008. These are going to be my "Springtime" colors. I will be making a few items with them. This is my first, it's a Cellini Spiral which is a type of tubular peyote beadweaving stitch. It is has a magentic clasp. It's in my Etsy shop: I am starting a shop on Big Cartel too, just to try it right now, see how it works out. This is it:

The second image is my Teal Trio Springtime Bracelet. It is using the beadweaving stitch brick stitch, and some fringing. The center stones (beads) are Abalone shell. I love these colors.

I added my Freeform Netting Bracelet. It is not new to my shop, but I thought the colors went well with the new Spring theme.
I just finished the Doily earrings. Just barely finished them this morning. These take me about 5 hours to make the pair.

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